Best Solid-State Combo Amps

Solid-state guitar amps use solid-state technologies like transistors to amplify the signal. They have come a long way since they first came onto the market to replace and compete with the tube amps of the time. Digital technology has made guitar amps lighter, more affordable, and easier to care for since you never have to […]

Lightest And Most Portable Combo Amps

Part of the fun of having a guitar is being able to take your sound with you, either on the road or just out for the night. It’s not always affordable to have a separate combo amp just for taking with you when you go, and so some of these really portable combo amps have […]

Best Tube Amps

Electric Guitar Combo Amps With Tube Technology The original guitar amplifiers were created using vacuum tubes to amplify the signal. These tubes worked by heating up the electrons and deliver a sound that many people believe is unmatched by the digital equivalents being created using solid-state technology today. Although the sound from a tube amplifier […]

Combo Amps with the Biggest Speakers

Does size matter? In a lot of cases, you’ll find that it does. The biggest speakers on combo amps are made using multiple speakers behind the scenes. These speakers are wired up to act as one big speaker, and from the outside, it looks like as much power as the sound delivers too. If what […]

Best Low Watt Electric Guitar Combo Amplifiers

Is more power always better when it comes to guitar amplifiers? Not necessarily. Maybe you’re hoping to avoid noise complaints from your neighbours during practice sessions. Or you want to be able to turn your amp up loud enough to hear it and for it to actually sound good. Luckily, there are amps that sound […]