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    • Footswitches With Advanced Settings And Effects
      Beyond the simple one-button footswitch, are footswitches that not only let you switch between channels on your amp, but they also have their own different options and even effects of their own. The amp that you use determines which footswitches you [Read More]
    • Best Single Button Footswitches for Amplifiers
      Single button footswitches are usually designed to take you back and forth between presets or channels on the amp that you’re connecting it to. Usually you have to get the footswitch that is compatible with your amp, but there are also generic [Read More]
    • Best Guitar Power Amp For A Clean Sound
      The idea of adding a separate power amp into your guitar rig is to amp up the signal. Generally, the more power you have means the louder you can go. However you want to make sure that you can turn up your amp loud enough to sound good but not so [Read More]
    • Best Solid-State Combo Amps
      Solid-state guitar amps use solid-state technologies like transistors to amplify the signal. They have come a long way since they first came onto the market to replace and compete with the tube amps of the time. Digital technology has made guitar [Read More]
    • Choosing A Basic Headphone Amp
      While you can get amp heads and combo heads that include a headphone jack, some people prefer to have a separate guitar headphone amp. Having a pocket amplifier system that works with your headphones allows you to use your guitar anywhere and not [Read More]
    • Full Stack or Half Stack
      With a half stack you have an amplifier head and a cabinet that is rated to work well with the amp – a great amplifying system. So when do you need to add another cabinet to make a full stack? Some people say never – that all [Read More]
    • The Coolest And Most Unique-looking Mini Amps
      Mini amps are small, compact, light, and some of the coolest looking guitar amplifiers you can find. They are sometimes really, really, small, and they also seem to come in a lot more different styles than full-sized amplifiers. Along with the [Read More]
    • How To Connect Multiple Cabinets
      Once you understand what output impedance means and what to look for, it should be pretty straightforward to connect a single cabinet to your amp head. All you need is the correct speaker wire, and a cabinet that supports equal or more power than [Read More]
    • What Output Impedance Means And What To Look For
      When using any guitar amp head it’s important to make sure that the impedance matches the impedance of the speaker you’re using. Most modern amplifier heads are built so that they can send out the correct output impedance but there are [Read More]
    • Lightest And Most Portable Combo Amps
      Part of the fun of having a guitar is being able to take your sound with you, either on the road or just out for the night. It’s not always affordable to have a separate combo amp just for taking with you when you go, and so some of these [Read More]