Footswitches With Advanced Settings And Effects

Beyond the simple one-button footswitch, are footswitches that not only let you switch between channels on your amp, but they also have their own different options and even effects of their own.
The amp that you use determines which footswitches you can use, and you can usually find one that has the features you like that will work with your amp.
There are footswitches with so many features and effects that it might even influence which amp you get just so you can use a compatible footswitch.

The Peavey Electronics Sanpera II Foot Controller has an amazing list of features, controls, and fun options.
This footswitch includes a left and a right expression pedal for controlling volume, wah and pitch shifting. There are 10 momentary selector buttons that apply the effect for as long as you depress them. It also has tap tempo, looper control, and bank increment and decrement functions.
Despite all these features and more, the Peavey Electronics Sanpera II Foot Controller is still easy to set up and use.  It is also sturdy and durable and an all around great footswitch that will give you lots of interesting new sounds.


The BOSS ME-80 is a multiple effects processor with so many features and options it will take a while to get used to them all.
This simple to use footswitch has 8 different simultaneous effects categories, each with multiple effects types. The knob based interface is simple to use and there are 8 different foot switches to switch between functions in addition to the expression pedal.
There are so many features on this footswitch including a phrase loop function with 38 seconds of recording, manual mode for stompbox-style on/off, and memory mode for switching complete patch setups. It also has a built-in MIDI USB interface and comes with cool Boss Tone Studio software.
The features of the BOSS ME-80 will help anyone create and edit exactly the sounds they want.

The Eventide PitchFactor Harmonizer puts studio quality effects right at your feet.

There are so many features on this stompbox like pitch shift, delay, tap tempo, and lots of other stereo and mono effects. This box also has a lot of inputs including expression pedal, and it is compatible with both guitar and bass. It also has a built-in tuner.

The effects and features of the Eventide PitchFactor Harmonizer are impressive for such a small and compact portable size.


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